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12 Month OR 3 Month(College) Academy Membership

Indoor Facility

Kinetic Training was created to house the Top Velocity Performance Center within it. Top Velocity is the premiere place to go and train to become an elite pitcher/athlete as well as other positions in either baseball or softball. You would first need to interview to make sure you’re a good fit. When first entering the Academy you will be given a thorough evaluation using our Top Velocity AI. Then you will have access to the Top Velocity training app which has extensive plans/workouts to guide you through your training based on your current level/ability from the AI results. There is a 2 Day Camp you take your first month as well which onboards you to our program. It greatly speeds up your knowledge and application to our methods. 

Benefits of the Membership and Academy Include:


My Background

*25 plus years coaching and instructing 

*MLB scouting/bird dogging background

*BioMechanics Certified

*USA Weightlifting Lv.1 and Lv.2 Certified

*CPR / First Aid Certified

*Trained Coaches to assist in all areas


Physical Space / Equipment

*10k Sq. Ft. Inside

*8k Sq. Ft. Outside


Mobility/Power Eval Station

*Measure and track 32+ metrics

*Measure joint mobility

*Mobility Wall outfitted with items to enhance mobility

*Grip Strength Testing

*Vertical Jump Testing

*Broad/Lateral Jump Testing

*Y Balance Test

*Dillon Dynamometer Total Body Power Test

*Arm Care sensory tool for shoulder and elbow health and condition (

*Have access to Chiropractor to aid in our mobility work (Dr. Baker: Baker Chiropractic Sport & Spine Clinic; 156 Cumberland Parkway Suite 200 Mechanicsburg, Pa. 17055) 


6 Pitching Drill Lanes

*King of the Hills to measure ground force 

*Stride Accelerators to enhance mechanics (Top V Has Patent)

*1-2 lb. Med Ball Racks

*Baseball/Softball Carts

*Radar On All Lanes


Strength and Conditioning Area

*Top Velocity App houses all workouts based on your level with videos to support

*Banners with QR codes linking you to all items in App

*6 Squat Racks fully equipped 

*Power/Hang Clean Crash Pad Station

*Glute Ham Machine


Plyometric Area

*Plyo Jump Boxes



*10 yd sprints / IR Gates give time to .ooo

*Outdoor Sandpit


5 Cages

*1- 70’ for pitching evals ; Radar for hitting exit velo and pitching velo

*3- 55’ for hitting ; 1 with Hack Attack Pitching Machine ; COMING SOON! 1 with Hack Attack Softball Machine

*1- 55' Outside


Personal Nutrition Plan Offered 

*Nutrition guide offered to achieve maximum success with training 

*Private label Supplements to aid in success (Aminos/Reds/Greens/Electrolytes with amino blend)

Details on Ingredients


Pitching/Hitting Evals


*70’ cage

*2 turfed mounds Inside; 2 Outside

*1 turfed catchers bullpen with space for 2

*1 Formal Eval per month tracking over 24+ metrics

*Top Velocity AI software to analyze all your metrics from evaluation

*Pro Play AI BioMechanics Hardware to identify mechanical issues to correct

*Pitch Logic For ball metrics and pitch development

* sensory tool to evaluate shoulder/arm health radically reducing chance of an injury

*TV viewing area to go over Evals


College/Pro Recruitment

*I’ll provide needed film and data to coaches and scouts upon request and help in anyway I can

Top Velocity York Pa. Walkthrough

This is a short walkthrough of our 10k sq. ft facility; 8k more outside

90 MPH Club

Nate Toomey
Grant Smeltzer
Cooper Artley

Colllege Commitments

Nate Toomey
Owen Hutchinson
Alex Barger
Cole Grady
Coop Artley
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